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Service Level Agreement

FAQs & Basic Support

Our website contains answers to frequently asked questions and includes instructions for a range of typical issues. Our Quick Start Service Guides can be also downloaded from this site.

You will find good information at the website but you can and should contact us directly if you have any doubt about your service and its operation.

Customer Support 07850 649298.

Your service includes free, unlimited telephone support or via email. Core support Hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. Emergency support is available outside these hours, this is billable at £40 per hour +vat minimum 1 hour  if the call is a non-service impact query.

Priority and Issues

Priority Definition
1 An incident is defined as a Priority 1, if the incident is reported via telephone and the impact of the incident upon the affected business is such that your entire organisation is unable to utilise the services provided.
2 An incident is defined as a Priority 2, if the   incident has been reported via telephone contact and impact of the incident   is such that multiple users in your organisation are unable to utilise the   services provided.
3 An incident is defined as a Priority 3, if the   incident has been reported via means other than telephone contact or the   impact of the incident is such that a single user in the affected   organisation is unable to utilise the services provided. All administration   related activities including but not limited to, user set-up and user   configuration are also defined as a Priority 3 incident.

The final designation of your Issue is determined by S.A.S. Ltd. You must use the above contact details to register your issue and use the phone service for Critical issues. Resolution of the issue once it has been designated will be according to the following targets:

Issue Level

Acknowledgement Time

Initial Response Time

Target Resolution Time

Priority 1

1 hours

2 hours

12 hours

Priority 2

2 core hours

4 core hours

24 hours

Priority 3

8 core hours

2 days

4 days


Service Availability

Scheduled maintenance to the online service takes place for several hours each month. A redundant network provides full failover capability and we guarantee that the online service will be available 99.9% of the time in a given month, excluding scheduled maintenance.

The automated nature of the service means that interruptions to the service (e.g. for planned maintenance) are typically recovered within a short period of time. Therefore, we will not inform you of a planned service outage or minor incidents of unplanned outage. In the event of a major service outage (where the online service is expected to be unavailable for more than 24 hours) we will endeavor to inform you of the problem using the email address you supplied to us or by posting relevant information on the support section of our website at

S.A.S. Ltd is not responsible for internet downtime or your local infrastructure.

Data Transfer Speeds

Your quality of service is at least in part determined by your local infrastructure capacity and other concurrent usage of your systems at the time of using this service. We recommend a minimum of 100kbps downstream bandwidth available per user for an optimum experience. Service access problems directly related to insufficient infrastructure do not qualify as a critical supplier outage.

Outages and Maintenance

Planned maintenance is normally conducted outside of Business hours. To minimise impact to you this will typically occur at evenings and weekends – see the Service Health Dashboard for more information and scheduled maintenance information.

Unplanned events due to situations outside of supplier direct control can occur and it may be necessary for Emergency service interruptions, during such unplanned events we are unable to guarantee service availability.

Deletion of Data

Recovery of deleted data (not because of a system outage or disaster) stored in any of the services is limited to restoring items sent to the Recycle bin of any given service. If any data set is removed either manually or via time-lapse from the recycle bin then recovery of this data may not be supported. We therefore recommend you exercise data control procedures and carefully plan your data access security model. We also recommend that you setup backups to protect your critical data where appropriate.

Migration of services

We offer a full and comprehensive migration advisory service at a one-off fixed fee to ensure smooth transition from your old service. Should you choose to take this service then your migration and associated issues will be covered by the same level of remote Support outlined above. If you choose to handle your own migration then you should be aware that it is your own responsibility to migrate the service and that our full support provision will only be available from the point your systems have been already been fully transitioned.

Your Responsibilities

To provide a stable computer environment on which the service is installed and which meets the system operating requirements including sufficient internet bandwidth and latency performance. At installation (and any upgrades) you will refer to any Installation / Release Notes and associated service documentation provided by Microsoft or Sail Away Systems

At the time of setup you should check your computer specification against the service minimum requirements. You should contact Sail Away Systems  in the event of a need to make significant changes to your computer environment (e.g. Operating System changes, new anti-virus services)

The Service will require a working internet connection. Dependent upon your connection type you may be charged by your ISP (including additional mobile charges) based on your usage of this Service. You are responsible for all associated data transmission / receipt costs. Care is advised when using If you ask us to work directly with your designated IT Partner we will do so. However, ultimate responsibility for your aspects of this agreement remain with you, the customer. S.A.S. Ltd will not be responsible for slow or inappropriate responses from your IT Partner. You are responsible for the security aspects of providing any passwords or confidential information to your IT Partner and we may contact you to confirm their right to access certain information. You must inform us if your IT Partner changes and you must ensure that contact information is updated in our systems.

In the event of data or system loss, you must have access to the appropriate level of technical knowledge to rebuild the systems (if you do not have this skill yourself, you should use an IT partner or IT support company).

To provide and maintain main contact information to S.A.S. Ltd so that we can contact you in the event of an issue or for security validation.

To provide relevant requested information to support the investigation and resolution of any identified issues with the service. This will include system log files and other important information regarding your computer infrastructure.

To ensure your use of the Service does not affect the operation of the overall service platform. In the event that your usage is adversely affecting the overall platform, it may be suspended or terminated without liability to S.A.S. Ltd upon prior written notice (or immediately without notice in the event of a technical emergency).

You will notify us of your desire to cancel the service, giving the appropriate notice, as described in our Terms and Conditions.

Our Responsibilities

To provide you with an enterprise-class Messaging technology and the highest level of customer service as described in this SLA and your contract with us.

We will contact you once the service is installed and check that you are happy with the service and all is working well. We refer to this process as ‘On-Boarding’.

In the event of technical matters, we will endeavor to provide you with one technical contact to address your issue. Where necessary we will escalate your issue to other technical specialists.

We will assign your business to an Account Manager with whom you can discuss any aspects of the service and your requirements.

We will prioritize and endeavor to resolve any issues you raise with the service within our target resolution times wherever possible. Please recognize that we have to prioritize all customer issues in order to address the most critical problems first.

We will provide free of charge updates to the service at regular intervals and inform you of requirements for upgrades.

We will maintain your data in a secure manner and will not provide access to your data without appropriate security checks being completed. If we are not convinced of a caller’s right to access your account we will seek further clarification from a senior representative from your company.

In the event of any system outages we will help with re-integrating purchased products into your company systems but our responsibility ends with actions directly pertaining to the products purchased from us. Our Service Team have the right to withdraw from providing further support if they believe they may be putting your systems at risk; or you lack the technical expertise required; or your request is outside the scope of our service

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